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Geological studies and surveys

Geological studies and surveys

Let's start from the basics: the study of the Earth

Through the gaia division, we offer a wide range of geological, geotechnical and geognostic services, aimed at characterising the lands intended for the realisation of any type of work. Thanks to partnerships with certified companies and laboratories, we also guarantee the execution of the necessary investigations on site.


  • Geological and geotechnical engineering for civil engineering and hydraulics works
  • Planning of geognostic and geotechnical investigations on site and in the laboratory; drafting technical specifications
  • Geological, geomorphologic and geological-technical surveys, with the preparation of thematic maps in CAD and / or GIS environments.
  • Applied geomorphologic studies and geo-mechanical surveys addressed to landslide or rock-landslide problems
  • Geological studies in support of spatial planning (municipal P.R.G., PTP, PTR)
  • Hydrogeology: delimitation of aquifers, flow analysis, definition of safeguard areas
  • Studies about hydro geological hazard and hydro geological instability
  • Geological-environmental feasibility studies for engineering works
  • Analysis and verification of stability of slopes in ground and in rock, with assessment and zoning of danger and landslide risk
  • Design for consolidation and / or securing of landslides or collapse of rocky blocks
  • Stratigraphic reconstruction of subsoil and geotechnical characterisation of soils
  • Drafting of geological, geotechnical reports in accordance with the rules in force
  • Studies of seismic risk
  • Consultancy in the management of excavated lands and rocks.


  • Drafting of plans for the characterization of remediation and environmental restoration of polluted sites in accordance with current legislation
  • Environmental investigations, environmental surveys and soil and water sampling activities to be subjected to chemical analysis in accordance with current legislation
  • Sanitary and environmental risk analysis
  • Evaluation of environmental / hydro geological compatibility in support of territorial and urban planning
  • Hydro geological studies of vulnerability; models of diffusion of groundwater pollutants
  • Geostatistical and statistical analysis of environmental data
  • Environmental monitoring of groundwater and soils
  • Soil sampling for chemical analysis of laboratory
  • Interstitial gas sampling (Soil Gas Survey).


  • Execution of geotechnical surveys in continuous drill and drafting of Stratigraphic sheets
  • Execution of environmental surveys and archaeological drilling
  • Execution of exploratory wells or geognostic excavations
  • Geo-archaeological surveys
  • Dynamic penetration tests in SPT probing holes, both dynamics (DP) and static (CPT, CPTU, CPE)
  • Dilatometric tests (DMT)
  • Scissometric tests in a Vane test type hole
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Laboratory investigations for the mechanical and chemical-physical characterisation of soils and waters
  • Geotechnical monitoring, inclinometer measurements, Piezometric measurements
  • Permeability tests in holes in soils ("Lefranc" tests) and in rocks ("Lugeon" tests)
  • Plate load tests
  • In-situ density tests


  • Seismic Exploration
  • Seismic refraction and reflection in P and SH waves
  • Masw and Re-Mi
  • Cross-hole seismic (Down-Hole, Cross-Hole, seismic Tomography)
  • Geoelectric Prospecting
  • Vertical Electrical Soundings [S.E.V.]
  • Two-dimensional electrical tomography investigations
  • Three-dimensional electrical tomography investigations
  • Georadar prospecting
  • Electromagnetic Surveys
  • Magnetic Surveys


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